Dakota County Historical Society
To preserve, interpret and promote the history of Dakota County.

DCHS has a collection of city directories, telephone books, community directories, yearbooks and many other resources for research.

We will be adding content to this page, but for now, here is the reverse directory for South St. Paul households from the 1938 Polk Directory of St. Paul and a newspaper city directory from 1914.  

The Central Telephone Directory for Farmington, Lakeville and Rosemount from 1945.

Swift Newsletter content for South St. Paul Employees from 1952, 1953, and 1954

We have most of the South St. Paul yearbooks, but also Apple Valley, Hastings, Inver Grove, Rosemount and West St. Paul.  Here are a few earlier South St. Paul yearbooks.

Kaposia 1915                  Kaposia 1919

Kaposia 1920                   Kaposia 1950

Kaposia 1951                   Kaposia 1952

Kaposia 1953                   Kaposia 1954

Kaposia 1955                   Kaposia 1956

Kaposia 1957                   Kaposia 1958

Kaposia 1960                   Kaposia 1964

Kaposia 1965                 Kaposia 1967


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