Saturday, March 02, 2024
Dakota County Historical Society
To preserve, interpret and promote the history of Dakota County.

Location: 9091 Inver Grove Trail

Perhaps “The House of Eight Gables” in Inver Grove Heights has the most romantic name of all the buildings in Dakota County on the National Register. Story has it that after spending a long winter in 1875 reading Hawthorne’s novel, The House of Seven Gables, German-born farmer Reuben Freeman decided to go Hawthorne one better and build this gem-of-a-house with eight gables. Since money and building materials were scarce, Freeman used rock gathered from his fields. With mortar of lime from kilns on Grey Cloud Island, he started construction that spring. Work went fast because he and his son were experienced builders; only a few years before, they had constructed a huge barn. As a National Register site the house is significant for its unique vernacular construction of coursed fieldstone. The stones are of various sizes and colors, and for decorative effect bottle glass replaces the stone around the second-story gable windows.

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