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Dakota County Historical Society
To preserve, interpret and promote the history of Dakota County.

The very first formal school for children in the Mendota area was opened on June 13, 1859. In 1861, the laws changed creating a new school district. In June of 1863, farmers with their teams of horses dragged the school building from the intersection of Delaware and Emerson Avenues to the intersection of Emerson and Dodd Road onto land donated by Henry Sibley. The school took its name from Somerset Farms, which was located across the road.

In January of 1889, the District #5 school building was destroyed by a fire caused by the chimney exploding in the first fire built after a two-week vacation. The school board decided that they should build a “bigger and better” school building which took ten years to complete, however the current structure on the site only dates back to 1936.

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