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Dakota County Historical Society
To preserve, interpret and promote the history of Dakota County.

Good reads from Dakota County Historical Society. DCHS has been publishing Over the Years since 1961, first as a newsletter, becoming a magazine in 1987.

Back issues of OTY are available. Please indicate the title you want in the "Note:" box below.

  • Lebanon to Apple Valley: Transformation of a Dakota County Community
  • Navy V5 Cadets in and over Dakota County
  • Play Ball: 19th Century Baseball in Dakota County
  • Gopher Ordnance Works
  • Lucille Birchen, World War I Red Cross Nurse
  • Lowland Mounds of Dakota and Rice Counties
  • Free Air: Dakota County’s First Brush with the Silver Screen
  • From Hand to Hand: The Legacy of a Post Office
  • Here Chick, Chick: The Art of Poultry Raising (and Stealing)
  • The Battle for Black Dog
  • Tales of an Historic Rivertown: 150 Years of Progress and Pride
  • The Painting the Rainbow’s Varying Hues: Castle Rock’s Rainbow Gardens
  • Dakota County’s Harold Stassen
  • South St. Paul Stockyards
  • The Ghost Town of Lewiston
  • History That Never Happened
  • Romanian Women Immigrants
  • Our County at 150
  • Minnesota Statehood & the Treaties of 1858: Life in a Changing World
  • For the Maintenance of the Union: Dakota County in 1861
  • Sibley Elementary
  • From the Front: Vietnam
  • The Burden of War: Dakota County in 1862
  • Power for Everyone: Rural Electrification and the Dakota County Electric Cooperative
  • The St. Paul Southern @ 100
  • The Price of Victory: Dakota County in 1863
  • The Reids of Pilot Knob & Yankee Doodle Road
  • Death Rattle of the Confederacy: Dakota County in 1864
  • Eureka’s Highview Christiania Church
  • The Price of Victory: Dakota County in 1865
  • The Minnesota Central in 1865
  • Welcome to Sibley: A collection of articles
  • LeDuc’s 10 anniversary: A collection of articles
  • Tragedy & Courage at the River Road Club
  • Apostolic Christian Church of South St. Paul; Financial Look at Dakota War; Rev. Thomas Shields
  • Dakota County During World War I
  • Lilydale Marina; Nininger & Panic of 1857; Lure of the Links; Finding Dakota County Vital Records
  • Amour & Company 1919
  • Minnesota Acacia Park Cemetery
  • Minnesota's Territory Years: By the Numbers
  • Pine Bend Refinery 1955 - 2021 
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